Pay At Table Restaurant Solution

The iWL252 Bluetooth Short Range or iWL255 3G Long Range pay at table solution easily integrates USA PAY payment processing with any of 13+ certified Restaurant Management Systems (RMS). Every transaction is encrypted and secured. The Pay@Table application protects against fraud and speeds up the payment process for both guests and servers.

Do you already use a POS system and software? We can easily integrate your existing system with one of the 13+ certified restaurant POS solutions. Some of our certified partners are listed below.

Your guests want good food, friendly service and a hassle-free dining experience. While it may not be top-of-mind when they’re browsing your menu, they also want assurance that their payment card data is protected.

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Our Success Stories

Our merchant partners believe in the value of our superior service and savings.

“Great customer service. I would highly recommend USA Payment Services to any business owner looking for lower processing cost.”

Jenniferb G.


“I had a good experience with USA Payment Services. Highly recommended. They will treat you right and be fair. Look no further than USA Pay!”

Mary O.